Figure 4.

FGFR2 and Sprouty2 are expressed in the branching epithelium. Inhibition of FGFR signaling inhibits branching. A, B. Confocal sections of isolated structures, nuclear TO-PRO-3 staining is shown in blue, β4-Integrin in green. A. FGFR2 (red) is up-regulated at the tips of branches. B. Sprouty2 expression lines the branching structures. Scale bars 50 μm. C. Inhibition of FGFR signaling. 25 μM SU5402 or DMSO were added to the cultures after 5 days. The graph shows the proportion of branching (light-gray) and complex branching (dark-gray) colonies at day 13. Error bars indicate standard deviation. SU5402 n = 1135; DMSO n = 952 colonies total.

Franzdóttir et al. Respiratory Research 2010 11:162   doi:10.1186/1465-9921-11-162
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